Sarah Grainger-Jones

Artist/ Arts Project Manager


Melting. Performed with lili Spain at Studio 1.1 then as a solo piece at Phlox Books as part of Leytonstone Arts trail, July 2019 and at Royal Brompton Hospital in Nov 2019. Pages are torn from a book on Glaciers, the artist wears a white wolf mask which is removed for spoken word. The book pages are eroded using a hole punch and either stuck to the window, wall or laid on the floor

‘Ice grinds down mountain passes, carrying memories, thoughts, the drift of times passing. Stones catch, dragging the forgotten to the forefront of minds caught in frozen dreams. A slow drip, drip, the colds clutch lessens and what was once trapped starts to thaw and trickle in whispering torrents. The till of unsorted fragments, lost love, unprocessed past, becomes exposed, bare on an alien landscape. The trickle of ice plays on my mind. It stops, still, fragments and falls apart, slowly. Once we stood proud, solid, holding together valleys and mountains, seas and rivers. Now we are losing ourselves in a fast paced world, too fast, too late. We are melting.’

Teaching Poetry to a dead pigeon. performance at Milton Keynes Gallery, January 2010. Tearing pages out a book of greek poetry, chewing them up and spitting them at a taxidermy pigeon to explore communication across impossible boundaries.