Great review of LUPA 18 on Friday 19 April 2013


Poolside Emergency at the Bluecoat, Liverpool
on Saturday 13 April 12midday - 5pm


1 September 2012

Join us for two hours of surreal and absurd live art & performance at Vestry House Museum, on the opening night of the E17 Art Trail.

Artists have responded to the former workhouse garden and sited their work within this curious, secluded place. The works will explore the garden from a psychological/mythological viewpoint.

The award-winning community garden has been beautifully planted, inspired by the garden's history as an eighteenth-century workhouse garden, with an emphasis on useful plants including vegetables, herbs and dye plants. There is also a wild meadow area and a bed designed to attract butterflies.

Participating artists include:

Leila Bryan, Jack Catling, Folie a Trois, Sarah Grainger-Jones, Simon Raven, Emma Robertson, lili Spain, Cally Trench and Liz Zumin.

Curated by Folie a Trois.

Vestry House Museum
Vestry Road
Walthamstow Village
E17 9NH

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