Sarah Grainger-Jones uses performance, intervention and collage to explore ideas of thresholds, liminality and the clandestine. She is interested in parapsychology, myth, folklore and psychoanalysis - how traces of the past can haunt the present and buried matter or forces can provoke unpredictable occurrences. She often works with objects that have a sense of history and dislocated function, such as old photographs and books - they have a past life, a sense of otherness and misplacement.

She has performed at venues nationwide including Milton Keynes Gallery, De Le Warr Pavilion, Whitechapel Gallery, the Bluecoat and the Freud Museum. She lives and works in London and graduated with BA and MA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art & Design.

She is former Co-Director of a series of performance events with artist lili Spain under the name of The Red Velvet Curtain Cult. These were held regularly at the Whitechapel Art Gallery as well as with Milton Keynes Gallery and De La Warr Pavilion. She also performed with lili as Folie a Trois, a collaborative live art duo.

She currently works as Deputy Director of Arts for the Koestler Trust, the UKs best-known prison art charity, organising exhibitions nationwide and delivering projects with young people.

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